About Dr. Shadid

Dr. Edward Shadid was born and raised in Oklahoma City and comes from a family with century-long ties to the State of Oklahoma. After World-War I era migration to Oklahoma, Dr. Shadid’s hard-working grandparents of modest means emphasized education above all else. They raised children and grandchildren who, along with other members of the Shadid family, have provided healthcare to Oklahomans since before statehood.

Dr. Shadid is a board-certified spinal surgeon who received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Northwestern University in Chicago. He returned to the University of Oklahoma for his medical degree, trained in general and orthopedic surgery in New York City and then specialized in spinal surgery in San Francisco. Dr. Shadid opened his practice in Oklahoma City in 2001.  The 13,000 patients who have been treated at Spine Care of Oklahoma include a large number of soldiers, primarily from Fort Sill in Lawton.

After surviving being trapped in his car in May 2010 under an I-40 overpass during an EF-4 tornado, Dr. Shadid decided to become part of the solution and within a month filed to run for State House with no previous political experience.  Building on that experience, once it was clear that City of OKC Ward 2 councilman Sam Bowman was going to retire, Dr. Shadid refocused on the constituents of Ward 2. One year later, in April of 2011, Dr. Shadid won the Ward 2 seat election and assumed office.

Dr. Shadid’s election served as a warning of the implications of the recently passed Citizen’s United decision when hundreds of thousands of dollars of anonymous money enter the city council race. In sharp distinction, Dr. Shadid became the only member of the City Council to not receive any donations from PACs.


Over the last two years, Dr. Shadid has focused on transparency, accountability and unprecedented levels of public collaboration. Dr. Shadid has held town hall meetings focusing on sprawl, public health, the OKC Boulevard development and public transportation which have drawn from 300-700 concerned citizens. His focus on social media represents a paradigm shift in the way the citizens of OKC interact with their elected representative and city government.

Dr. Shadid believes this represents a broader form of governance. He will bring this vision, as Mayor, to all of the city’s services. By focusing on transparency, accountability and public collaboration, he will work with city leaders to propose solutions that have been thoroughly vetted and truly represent the best use of taxpayer investment, especially with regard to the MAPS program.

Ed is the father of three-school aged children. 

From L to R: Zane, Ed, Dahlia, Dina (his co-parent) and Maya. 

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